LETZTEST is an international team of water quality experts which is committed to make water quality testing an easy experience for all.


Our goal is the successful operation of water testing activities and water testing laboratories by our partners. We address a wide range of organizations all over the world including water supply managers, governmental laboratories, private companies, laboratory equipment suppliers, NGOs and many more to offer intelligent solutions to securely build up their capacity to perform professional water quality testing.

Who we are

LETZTEST is a dedicated and international team of water experts. We are looking forward to talking to you.

Adrian Letzner M.Sc.


"To find out the critical success factors for running successful water laboratories in areas of limited infrastructure has become a professional passion. As a professional water scientist and business developper, the most valuable experience has been the experience as technical laboratory manager in Cambodia from 2009 - 2011. Since then I have been working practically within this topic for different organizations in Asia and Africa - always developing water testing facilities. On the way, unique water testing equipment has been developed in cooperation with great partners. Therewith, LETZTEST was founded in 2018 to share our experience. LETZTEST is located in Germany but is acting globally."


Spoken languages: German (native language), French (native language), English, Spanish, Khmer 

Claire Tushabe M. Sc.


"Having been introduced to water sanitation during my Clinical officers course in Fort Portal Uganda, I found out that Water to the body is life and keeping it safe for consumption is saving life. This is the reason I pursued a B. Sc. as well as a M. Sc.  both in Water sciences. During my studies I gained a lot of experience in several water laboratories. I am currently working for LETZTEST where I guide customers on our products and at the university of Rhein-Waal in Germany where I share my knowledge with students as a scientific staff member. "


Spoken languages: Runyankole Luganda (native language), English (native language), German, Italian

Laurane Détolle Engr.


"Short before joining the LETZTEST adventure, I coordinated within an association of public interest a groundwater quality survey in the Upper Rhin region. This enriching work followed up the development of a master plan for wastewater in the four main coastal cities in Benin including the economic and administrative main cities as well as an experience within a water analysis laboratory in Germany.


My graduations in water and civil engineering have always been practical and as most of possible international oriented.


This succession of experiences brings me today a plural vision of the problems of drinking water analysis throughout the world."


Spoken languages: French (native language), German, English, Arabic

Loïc Basseeck Engr.


"Water has always had a special place in my life.

I was born in a district of Douala (Cameroon) not connected to the water supply network. As a child, I had to fetch water for the needs of the house. 

As an adult, I decided to create an NGO with friends to facilitate access to drinking water for isolated populations.  After 3 projects in Cameroon, I began to wonder about the means necessary to guarantee the quality of the water we would offer to the populations. 


By joining LETZTEST, my ambition is simple: to make it easy, reliable and inexpensive to analyze the quality of your water wherever you are."



Spoken languages: French (native language), English, Spanish, Bassa

Moaaz Alsaraiji


"During my stay in Lebanon and my work in the Shatila camp area in the humanitarian aid sector, I developed the concept of securing basic needs, in particular water suitable for daily use to protect all residents of the region from potential diseases. Experienced in the high-quality production of medical products, I now dedicate myself to the topic of water analysis.


Water quality in the world should be a global issue, not just a local one."


Spoken languages: Arabic (native language), German, English


LETZTEST is based on the conviction that “safe drinking water”, as mentioned in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), can only be guaranteed when there is a local capacity to perform professional water quality testing for national priority parameters. In many countries the number, quality and capacity of water testing laboratories is still very low and very far from meeting the needs. Especially in more remote areas, people and water systems are hardly ever connected to any sort of water quality monitoring.

Running a water quality testing laboratory in a setting that has a lack of infrastructure is a challenge, some major difficulties are :

  • Making the right choice of instrumentation and consumables
  • No local suppliers and poor customer services from foreign suppliers
  • High cost of laboratory instrumentation and consumables
  • Higher costs due to transportation and custom charges for laboratory equipment
  • Limited financial capacities
  • Complex purchasing and inventory management
  • Lack of qualified workforce resources
  • Bad infrastructure and unfavorable climatic condition
  • Tendency to overdo things ending up in excessive micromanagement
  • Missing quality management systems
  • Limited communication systems

In some cases, international NGOs try to close the gap by introducing portable field kits from overseas to improve the situation. However, we doubt that these field kits are a good solution because they depend very much on costly consumables which are not available on the ground and it appears in practice that there is no continuity in this approach. Developing local water testing laboratories, local markets, qualified workforce resources, in combination with suitable equipment, seems to be a far more sustainable approach.

Water quality testing laboratory at RDI - Cambodia
Water quality testing laboratory at RDI - Cambodia
Human resource development at RDI - Cambodia
Human resource development at RDI - Cambodia
Water Quality Survey Ministry of Health - Bénin
Water Quality Survey Ministry of Health - Bénin