LetzTest is based on the conviction that “safe drinking water”, as mentioned in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), can only be guaranteed when there is a local capacity to perform professional water quality testing for national priority parameters. Even though some developing countries have started to establish their own national water quality testing laboratories, the number, quality and capacity of these facilities is usually very low and very far from meeting the needs. Especially in more remote areas, people are hardly ever connected to any sort of water quality monitoring.

Running a water quality testing laboratory in a setting that has a lack of infrastructure is a challenge, some major difficulties  are:

-  Making the right choice of instrumentation and consumables

-  No local suppliers and poor customer services from foreign suppliers

-  High cost of laboratory instrumentation and consumables

-  Higher costs due to transportation and custom charges for laboratory equipment

-  Limited financial capacities

-  Complex purchasing and inventory management

-  Lack of qualified workforce resources

-  Bad infrastructure and unfavorable climatic condition

-  Tendency to overdo things (excessive micromanagement)

-  Missing quality management systems

-  Poor communication systems

In some cases, NGOs try to close the gap by using portable field kits from overseas to improve the situation. However, we doubt that these field kits are a good solution because they depend very much on costly consumables which are not available on the ground and it appears that there is no continuity in this approach. Developing local water testing laboratories and qualified workforce resources, in combination with suitable equipment, seems to be a far more sustainable Approach.

Water quality testing laboratory at RDI - Cambodia
Water quality testing laboratory at RDI - Cambodia
Human resource development at RDI - Cambodia
Human resource development at RDI - Cambodia
Water quality survey - Bénin
Water quality survey - Bénin


We address a wide range of organizations all over the world such as water supply managers, governmental laboratories, NGOs, private companies, laboratory equipment suppliers, and many more to offer intelligent solutions to securely build up the capacity to perform professional water quality testing all over the world. We offer high quality, robust & autonomous, for you.


LetzTest is an international team of professionals - dedicated to develop water quality testing capaticies.

Adrian Letzner M.Sc. - Founder of LetzTest


"I am specialized in the development of water quality testing laboratories in developing countries. After my Bachelor in Water Science (Bsc) in Germany I passed a master's degree in Management and Technologies of Water and Wastewater and studied especially on key factors of success to run a water testing laboratory in a developing country.


In 2009-2010 I was technical manager of a water testing laboratory in Cambodia. In 2012 my work on how to run a water testing laboratory in a developing country won the business plan competition of the city of Duisburg in Germany.

In the same year, I also cooperated as a volunteer with an NGO in China for the installation of a water testing laboratory to perform quality control on ceramic pot filters.


In 2014 in Benin, the German "Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit" (GIZ) gave me the opportunity to work as a water quality expert. The mission was to support the development of a national water quality monitoring system and to strengthen the capacity of the water quality testing laboratory of the ministry of health. In 2015, I assisted the GIZ in Benin to plan and prepare the next steps of the water quality program. Among other things, this included the development of a household water test kit, the identification of an appropriate household water treatment and storage method, and an evaluation of the countries' water testing laboratories.


Thanks to my dual nationality, I have no problems of understanding and communication in French-speaking countries."


Laurane Detolle M. Sc.


" Short before joining the LetzTest adventure, I coordinated within an association of public interest a groundwater quality survey in the Upper Rhin region. This enriching work followed up the development of a master plan for wastewater in the four main coastal cities in Benin including the economic and administrative main cities as well as an experience within a water analysis laboratory in Germany. My graduations in water and civil engineering have always been practical and as most of possible international oriented."   


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