Malteser International, September 2019, Uganda

Aqua & Agriculture Initiative, June 2019, Germany

Aqua & Agriculture Initiative, Nov. 2018, Kenya

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Water testing laboratory of the Ministry of Health - Bénin 2014-2016
Recommendation letter
Adrian.Recommendation+Letter GIZ.pdf
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Water testing laboratory - Cambodia 2010
Recommendation letter
Adrian+Recommendation+Letter RDI.pdf
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Low Cost PVC Membrane Filtration Device - comparison study
An Alternative to Commercial MF Units for E.coli and Other Coliform Testing in Developing Countries.
Low cost membrane filtration paper.pdf
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Low Cost PVC Membrane Filtration Device - Testing Manual
An Alternative to Commercial MF Units for E.coli and Other Coliform Testing in Developing Countries.
Testing manual Low Cost Membrane filtrat
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Low Cost PVC Membrane Filtration Device - Construction Manual
An Alternative to Commercial MF Units for E.coli and Other Coliform Testing in Developing Countries.
Building Low Cost Membrane filtration De
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Product Information

LetzTest Tubes & Household Water Test Kit - Technical Data Sheet
Technical data sheet for LetzTest Tubes and the Household Water Test Kit
LetzTEST Tubes & Household Water Test Ki
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CompactDry EC Plates - product information sheet
The usage of our Compact Dry EC Plates is a simple and safe way for the determination and quantification of E.coli and other coliform bacteria in water. Especially for settings with relatively poor infrastructure. The plates consist of a special 50 mm diameter petri dish containing a detection specific dry nutrient pad for E. coli and other coliforms. The medium contains two kinds of chromogenic enzyme substrates: Magenta-Gal and X-Gluc. Due to these substrates E.coli forms blue to blue purple colonies while coliforms show a reddish, red violet or pink coloration. The total coliform group count is the sum of all colonies identified as coliforms or E.coli.
LetzTest - Compact Dry EC PLATES - produ
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Membrane Filtration Kit - Technical Data Sheet
Quantify E.coli & other coliform bacteria in water samples according to ISO 9308-1: 2014 standard, in the laboratory and in the field. LetzTest has developed a portable membrane filtration kit that is perfectly adapted to the requirements of a water testing laboratory in limited infrastructure conditions:
(i) robust, (ii) electricity-free, (iii) high in quality, (iv) easy to transport, (v) easy to use, (vi) independent of inappropriate consumables, (vii) not prone to human errors.
LetzTEST Membrane Filtration Kit - Techn
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Household Water Test Kit - informasi produk
Indonesian version
LetzTest Household Water Test Kit - Info
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Membrane Filtration Device - informasi produk
Indonesian version
LetzTest Membrane Filtration - Informasi
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Electricity-Free Incubator - Technical Data Sheet
Our Electricity-Free Incubator will revolutionize water testing in rural areas.
LetzTEST Electricity-Free Incubator - Te
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Electricity-Free Incubator - temperature curve
See the temperature curve of our electricity-free incubator
Electricity-free incubator - measurement
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LetzTest exact i-dip - tests & reagents
Exact i-dip. Information on tests & reagents
LetzTest Exact i-Dip - Tests & Reagents.
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LetzTest exact micro 20 - tests & reagents
Exact micro 20. Information on tests & reagents
LetzTest Exact micro 20 - Tests & Reagen
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IMQ Qualification Report
The Institute for Microbiological Quality Control (IMQ) in Duesseldorf (Germany) has veryfied the detection range of LetzTest tubes.
Qualification Report - Letz - Test Tubes
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The right choice of instrumentation & consumables - information sheet
What very often hinders the development of water testing capacities is the wrong choice of Instrumentation & consumables. We consult organisations in making the right choice of equipment to securely build up the capacity to perform water quality analysis in a developing country.
LetzTest - the right choice of instrumen
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Laboratory Quality Management System - information sheet
A water quality testing laboratory needs a solid quality management system to assure accuracy and reliability throughout the path of workflow, and as a fundamental basis for a possible ISO 17025 accreditation. We consult organisations in building up a solid laboratory quality management system.
LetzTest - Laboratory quality management
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Water quality surveys - information sheet
Running a baseline study on drinking-water quality is essentail for many water & sanitation projects. Trustworthy results are the basis for many decisions to be taken. We consult organisations on how to perform a professional baseline study and support them to built that capacity on the ground.
LetzTest - water quality surveys.pdf
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