Water quality testing is fundamental for the development of the water sector and the reduction of waterborne diseases. We support organizations to do water quality testing, to operate successful water testing laboratories and to ensure safe drinking water quality.



In 2015, 1.4 million people worldwide died as a result of diarrheal diseases, mainly due to fecal contamination of drinking water (WHO, 2017). LetzTest Tubes and the unique Household Water Test Kit, invented by Letz-Test, are very helpful tools to detect the presence of fecal bacteria in water and to raise awareness for water quality.

Quantify fecal coliform bacteria in water samples according to ISO 9308-1:2014 - in the laboratory & in the fields. LetzTest has invented a portable Membrane Filtration Kit which is perfectly adapted to the needs of a water testing laboratory in a low income country: robust, electricity-free, high in quality.

LetzTest has invented an electricity-free incubator which will revolutionize water quality testing in rural areas! Use the sun or hot water for activation. Then incubate your testtubes or petri dishes for 24 hours at 37°C. Our incubator is protected by patent office and by intellectual property rights.


We offer appropriate equipment to test all chemical priority parameters. The kits are easy to use, contain an integrated smart data management tool and are particularly robust.


The practical & participatory workshops offered by LetzTest are adapted to local conditions and prepare the staff for the gradual processes and long-term management of their water testing laboratory.


In more than ten years of practical experience, we have identified critical success factors to operate an independent water testing laboratory in a lower income country which is economically viable!


Data Management made by LetzTest

Use userfriendly apps to collect, analyze and visualize your water testing results. Designed according to your needs, your survey, your questions, your water project.

  • Add photos & videos
  • Visualize everything on one map
  • Generate reports


LetzTest is working very closely with universities to develop even more suitable water quality testing Solutions.

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