The dedicated LETZTEST team offers workshops tailored to the needs of its partners. The aim of these workshops is to strengthen the participants in their goal, to sustainably test water quality and operate a successful water laboratory under limited conditions

In the very practical and participatory workshops, the trainees experience water quality testing firsthand, and learn how to successfully manage a water testing laboratory. In more than ten years of practical experience, we have identified critical success factors for operating successful water laboratories in areas of limited infrastructure!

We offer our training courses onsite and/or in Germany. Always individually adapted to our partners, following a successful step-by-step approach. In our own training center in Germany we are equipped with state-of-the-art training rooms and an accredited water laboratory. The special feature: the trainees see and experience how a model water laboratory works.


Basic Workshops

I. Test water quality - theory and practice


 Objectives: The participants ...

  • ... know the importance of water quality
  • ... know priority parameters including limit values
  • ... know the functionality of their water testing equipment
  • ... can test water quality in practice
  • ... can correctly evaluate test results

II. Ensuring quality in work practice & data management - theory and practice


Objectives: The participants assure quality in work practice and data management ...

  • ... at the point of sampling
  • ... during sample transportation
  • ... in the laboratory
  • ... when evaluating results
  • ... when archiving the test results
  • ... when writing a final report to clients or authorities

Advanced Workshops

I. How to conduct a representative water quality baseline study in your project area


Objectives: The participants ...

  • ... can carry out a statistically representative water quality baseline study, from the planning through the implementation to the backup of the data and the final report

II. Critical success factors for running a water laboratory in an area of limited infrastructure as a business model >> new and unique !! 


Objectives: The participants ...

  • ... know the critical success factors to successfully manage a water testing laboratory in a lower income country
  • ... have developed a framework for upcoming tasks 
  • ...have developed their individual business plan (optional)