The participatory and practical training courses offered by LetzTest are adapted to the local conditions and prepare the staff for the gradual processes and long-term management of the laboratory. 

We offer our training courses onsite and/or in Germany. Always individually adapted to our partners, following a successfull and stepwise approach. In our own training center in Germany we are equipped with state-of-the-art training rooms and an accredited water laboratory. The special feature: the trainees see and experience how a model water laboratory works.


I. Test water quality - theory & practice


 Objectives: The participants ...

  • ... know the importance of water quality
  • ... know priority parameters including limit values
  • ... know the functionality of the test devices from LetzTest
  • ... can test water with the LetzTest devices
  • ... can correctly evaluate test results

II. Quality assurance in work practice & data management - theory & practice


Objectives: The participants assure quality and data management ...

  • ... at the point of sampling
  • ... during sample transportation
  • ... in the laboratory
  • ... in evaluating results
  • ... when archiving the test results


I. Conducting a representative water quality survey - theory & practice


Objectives: The participants ...

  • ... can carry out a representative water quality survey, from the planning through the implementation to the backup of
    the data

II. Critical success factors for the sustainable management of a water laboratory in a lower income country


Objectives: The participants ...

  • ... know the critical success factors to manage a water testing laboratory in a lower income country
  • ... have developed a framework for upcoming tasks

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