What our Partners say

"LetzTEST is a creative and in the same time pragmatic team with a vision and drive to develop easy to apply and sustainable water testing tools. We as Malteser International have made good experiences both with the tools that we already apply in several countries and their capacities to deliver trainings and do capacity assessments in Africa"

Roland Hansen - Head of Regional Group Africa / Senior Program Advisor - Malteser International

"LetzTEST water testing products and training services make it possible to develop and maintain a high level of water testing standard through tests that are very practical for use in remote settings. The LetzTEST team is very supportive with an excellent after sales service."

Arno Coerver - Global Advisor for WASH, Envorinment & Infrastructure - Malteser International

New Equipment

More than 10 years of practical experience have taught us the problems presented by water quality testing in regions with limited infrastructure. We have often found ourselves in the field or in the laboratory, dealing with unfavorable conditions and inappropriate equipment that caused more trouble than it was worth. As a result, we developed our own equipment which is: independent from electricity, robust, easy to use, easy to transport, not susceptible to errors, independent from inappropriate consumables, made in Germany.

Fecal Bacteria

Quantitative Testing

Fecal Bacteria

Presence/Absence Testing

Fecal Bacteria

First Electricity-Free Incubator Worldwide !!


Chemical Parameters & Turbidity

SMART Photometer

pH, Conductivity, TDS, Temperature

SMART Multimeter



Trainings / Workshops and Consulting Support

In more than 10 years of practical experience, we have identified critical success factors for operating successful water laboratories in areas of limited infrastructure! In the very practical and participatory workshops or online trainings, the trainees experience water quality testing firsthand and learn how to successfully manage a water testing laboratory.

Practical Progressive   Intelligible Based on unique critical success factors

Individually adapted to local conditions Following a step-by-step approach International trainers

LetzTEST Near You

Buy your equipment locally! Our network of distributors has all the LetzTEST equipment and consumables. Try them out and be convinced of their advantages! With each well choosen partner we make one more step towards our goals :

  • Ensuring permanent and easy access to water testing equipment and consumables even in romote areas of lower income countries
  • Ensuring reasonable cost
  • Producing locally !!!

If you or your institution are an expert in the field of water analysis and are interested in joining our network, please contact us.